Language Constructs


Config Load Directory

Only files ending with an alphanumeric character and not beginning with a dot are considered.

Front Matter

YAML front matter is a method to add YAML content to a document originally defined by Jekyll. The YAML part is added to the beginning of the document between triple-dashed lines.

General structure of a document with YAML front matter

Value Types


Lists are just YAML Lists

Different ways for providing lists
# recommended
 - this
 - is a
 - list
  a: list with
  b: sub structure
 # this variant saves a line
 - a: x
   b: y

# mostly discured for YamSql
list2: [this, is a, list]
dlist2: [{a: list with, b: sub structure}, {a: x, b: y}]

SQL Identifier

Internally, if no double quote character is present, the parts seperated by periods are escaped or enquoded. If a double quote character is present, it is assumed that the identifier is properly enquoted.

SQL Type

The following characters prevent processing of the string:

  • " double quotes
  • % percent sign
  • ( ) pair of parenthesis

as does the occurence of no period (.).

Examples of the proccessing algorithm
varchar     -> varchar
a.b         -> "a"."b"
"a".b       -> "a".b
"a.b"       -> "a.b"
a.b(10)     -> a.b(10)


Strings are YAML strings. In most cases they can be given unquoted. However, there are some special cases, where things go wrong.

  1. Inputs like true or false are interpreted as Bool and have to be en-quoted.
  2. Quotes are used to mark strings. If you need the string "string", you can use """string""".
key1a: this is a string.
# also possible but not required
key1b: "this is a string."
# this one needs quoting
key2: "true"
# this represents the string "string"
key3: """string"""


Bools are Yaml boolean values. Values can be true or false