The Config Load Directory is tables.d and must contain files with the following strucutre.

name SQL Identifier
table name
description String
what this table is good for
columns List [Column]
columns contained in this table
primary_key List [SQL Identifier]
list of column names that define the primary key
foreign_keys List [Foreign Key]
constains values via foreign keys
checks List [Check]
validity checks applied to the table
inherits (List [SQL Identifier]
priv_select List [SQL Identifier]
grant SELECT to given roles for this table
priv_insert List [SQL Identifier]
grant INSERT
priv_update List [SQL Identifier]
grant UPDATE
priv_delete List [SQL Identifier]
grant DELETE
templates List [SQL Identifier]
(see TableTpl)


name SQL Identifier
column name
type SQL Type
column type (see also Type, Domain)
description String
template SQL Identifier
if a ColumnTpl is used, _type_ and _description_ can be omitted
default String
default value (sql code)
null Bool
Sql _NULL_ is allowed as value (default _false_)
references SQL Identifier
on_ref_delete String
On Ref Delete
on_ref_update String
On Ref Update
unique Bool
checks List [Check]

Foreign Key

name SQL Identifier
Just a name
columns List [SQL Identifier]
Columns in this table
ref_table SQL Identifier
Table to reference
ref_columns List [SQL Identifier]
Columns in referenced table (order must match the one in columns)
on_delete String
Action when entry in foreign table is deleted
on_update String
Action when entry in foreign table is update